17 maio, 2017

Joanne Reeves never considered herself extraordinary. She was a decorator by choice, trained in architecture. She worked full time in her ex-husband's office even though their relationship was troubled. She had a single friend, the best. With her she ran in the park, went to the nightclubs, risked finding a new love ... But it didn’t happen. She was beautiful, but she never inspired a second look; not by attraction. Being an ordinary person, it was difficult for Joanne to believe that a stranger, who she met in the hospital cafeteria, was interested. He knew her name, knew where to find her, had the hotter hands someone could have and disappeared in the blink of an eye. And yes, he was beautiful in the true meaning of the word. For someone ordinary and alone, how not to fall in love? All Joanne wanted was to believe, to give herself completely and to be guarded forever. A/N: Guard me Forever is a sensual paranormal romance.

My Review

The first book of the year was chosen because I just couldn't wait to read it, I've a great love for the writing of the Halice Frs, which hasn't disappointed me so far, with beautiful stories, remarkable characters and that always awakens me that will of watching the movies and saying that the book was so much better. Lol

True love raises the soul, doesn't perish in time and survives even to death. For something so strong, any sacrifice will always be worth it.

Well, "Guard Me Forever" tells the story of Joanne Reeves, an architect / decorator who works in the office of ex-husband Gary Brooks, who we discovered to have been a terrible husband, by the way, always downplaying his wife with his lovers young people he hired in his company.
Anne, now sentimentally free of her ex-husband, just wants to focus on work and sometimes spend time with Vanessa, a friend I didn't think was very cool for her, maybe a little selfish, but Anne didn't really have much choice. Then, after a disagreement with Gary during a meeting after a rather strange morning (apart from the fact that he almost twice had an accident) Joanne was simply exhausted and determined to resign. As if that were not enough, Gary tries to force her back with him because despite everything he had done he still loved her and then, suddenly he starts to infart.
Gary was rushed to a hospital and although Anne didn't feel anything for the ex, he couldn't deny that they had a story and she wouldn't be able to leave him alone. Even though he's an idiot (and this is who I am, not her, lol)
Then she stayed in the hospital and on one of her trips to the canteen, she came across a person who caught her attention.

"Do not be like that.
Joanne winced at the sound of the soft voice, very close to her ear, and turned to face the commenter. For a second the words fled. The gentleman, leaning on one of his arms on the counter, could be described as one of the most handsome men she'd ever seen. (translated by google)

This bland, but rather disturbing, voice caught his attention not only for the beauty, but with a brief conversation he seemed to know things about Anne's life and especially, knew his name without her mentioning it, but Anne didn't even have a chance to ask him.

They bump into each other and every time Joanne met the stranger he made her more confused, as if he hid something from her, and the fact that he always knew where to find her. Even so, Joanne didn't understand how she could trust that stranger. Plus, getting drawn to him, which wasn't difficult, Keeron, as she finally discovers when given the chance to ask, was charming and began to awaken feelings long dormant in Anne. If only she knew what she was getting into ...

What had been that meeting anyway? Or rather, what was wrong with that man? Always enigmatic, always in a hurry. The memory of the near-kiss swept away the thoughts in Joanne's mind. There remained the warm, vivid impression of male closeness, the itchiness in his neck, and the promise of meeting the next day.
(translated by google)

This book is wonderful, a story well in the style that I like and that, I must confess, has been a long time that I don't meet with this quality. I started reading the book at 6:00 pm one day and at 8:00 am the next day I was finished. I went to work and the story didn't leave my head for nothing! Swear! I'm really in love, with the three books I alread read from the author, "Guard me forever" is at the top! It won me already in the preface, which, by the way, has only 2 pages, accept it! She rocks. LOL

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